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It was a blowing day on upper Neuse but managed to get the Duke Energy Company gurus ; Donald Broadhurst Water Cloud Sky Vertebrate Fisherman
, Marty Dickey Water Cloud Sky Fisherman Fish
and Jay Golsch Water Sky Boat Cloud Shorts
, a little rod bending. First charter too on my new 23 Key West and glad I had it! We fished the afternoon throwing top water along the stumpy shoreline and got each guy one with lots of blow ups and fish coming unpinned. Wind and rough water was the factor. Thank God for Power Poles. It is the only way to fish in weather like this. I did get a bass on the DOA Airhead also Cloud Sky Water Fin Fisherman
, great bass bait. Thanks Capt Ashley King for setting this trip up.

This action will continue and Big Drum showing – call to book as schedule is filling up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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