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Left mid morning today to give the weather and seas time to calm down a bit. Hit the bait at 10:00 and had lines in the water by 11:00. Fished 1/2 mile off of Surf City out to about 2 miles off on a series of ledges. Marked bait everywhere. Caught 2 kings - a 17 and a 12 pounder.

Managed to lose a downrigger ball too :( Braid wore through just above the clip's leader - ball and clip = $30 expensive lesson to remember to check that before ever trip!

Came back to the inlet and caught 2 Spanish in the 3 pound range and a mess of 1 -2 pound blues (where were those this morning when I tried for them to use a king Came back in around 5. Seas were calm and the skies were clear except for an occasional dark mass of clouds that passed pretty quickly.
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