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Topsail Redfish-Current Adventure-Pics

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Headed out Sunday morning to fish the falling tide. Debated weather to go North or South to the bay and decided to go North for a change of scenery.

Hit Virginia Creek toward the end of the flood tide, but nothing was biting. Lot's of bait in there though, so the fish should be there as well, just think my timing was off. Hit a couple of other spots without much luck either.

Then I decided to try a spot that had produced for me in the past and bingo, there they were. A nice school of Reds were holding on a shallow flat feeding with the falling tide. I hooked my first fish as I saw the school scurry out from under the boat in about 4 feet of water. I pulled the hook and wasn't sure what it was, but it didn't take long to hook another to verify the species.
I worked the school for a couple of hours landed 4 nice slot sized Reds and missed or pulled the hooks on another half dozen or so. I guess I might have to retire my favorite jig cause it just doesn't seem to be holding a good point anymore. On second thought, I think I'll try to sharpen it a couple more times.

Water temps were anywhere from the upper 60's to lower 70's depending on water depth and current. Here's the pics!!

Let's go catch some fish!!!
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Shhhh. Virginia Creek never has any fish, wouldn't even bother trying there again.....:rolleyes:
I hear ya' Hampstead. I don't even know why I even give that place a second look :confused:

Nice Reds you caught by the way!!!!
Thanks Brent. You too! I love Spring fishing! Well okay, I enjoy fishing about anytime.

You keep fishing up my way, I'll have to call you for the fishing column I write for the Topsail paper.
Planning on vacationing in Topsail at the end of June. I am going to pull my small boat and hopefully get a chance to put three generations on some nice fish. Any tips on what is happening down there that time of year? Would love to get some grouper but with a 19 footer I am not confident going out too far.
Welcome to NCAngler! I fish a 19' CC out of topsail. Grouper would be tough that time of year in that size boat but the King Mackerel and Spanish will be in full force by then. An ocasional Mahi or Cobia too. Flounder will be pelntiful by then on the near shore reefs and inshore too. You should have some good fishing in June. Just make sure you get local advice and follow a local out of the inlet, they can be tricky. Also you will want to keep an eye on the sky checking for thunderstorms, they can move in pretty quick. Do you have a VHF radio and a GPS? I highly recommend both if you venture out of the inlets.
Thanks for the welcome and advice. I do have VHF and GPS and hopefully can get some good local advice. Can you reccomend any good tackle shops in the area. Always wanted to try Kingfishing but have never seen it done firsthand. Do you have to use a kite? Thanks
East Coast Sports is one of the most complete saltwater tackle shops you will find anywhere. It's on Topsail Island in Surf City, on the right about a 1/4 mile past the bridge. If you are in Wilmington, Tex's Tackle on Olde Eastwood Road is also excellent and very well stocked.

No kite needed for king fishing. You will need some good trolling rods with high speed reels in the 20 pound class and some tackle.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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