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Went down for my last trip of the year this weekend and filled up the cooloer. Thursday night went out to Seaview Pier around 12:30am, pier was closed and lights were off except for one light right at the surf and at the end. Fish the surf a while with no luck and finally headed out to the end. Their we caught around 12 whiteing anywhere from 12" to 16". (My granny was very happy when we broght these home). Finally left the pier around 4:30am and went back to the hotel (Loggerhead) simple hotel and very nice people.

Next morning went to Hardees early for some biscuits and then to the fishing hole. Got their around 7:00am - tide was falling and the water was dingy with a little wind. This hole is at the north end of the island on Trout Rd. First cast dumb pinfish - next few casts dumb pinfish - then things died down a while. Then it started - while fishing the docks with a simple 3 drop rig and shrimp my uncle caught the first real fish - a 24" black drum weighed about 5 pounds. Then i had a big hit and ended up with 2 black drum at the same time which weighed about 5-6 pounds each. " Great fight" then Dad caught a black drum that weighed about ten pounds. When things finally died down we had caught around 10 black drum that weighed anywhere from 5 to 12 pounds.

Then took the Explorer to the south end of the island for some surf fishing. Caught 2 puppy drum 15" and one small black drum.

Went back to the room to take a nap then went back to the same hole later that evening. Caught plenty of dumb pinfish then my uncle had a huge hit he faught it for about 5 minuted before he even got it turned around. When he pulled it in it was a huge eel or whatever it was. Finally got that thing off the hook and it was about dark. Right at dark caught a keeper trout and also while pulling the trout in a shad fish fell off the hook. When i got back from putting the trout in the cooler i looked down at the edge of the water i saw another eel that had bitten and was in the process of eating the shad that fell off my hook. Of course i dropped my rig in the water and of course he dropped the fish and bit my shrimp. Didnt really figure for that big of a fight but the thing took off and after about 10 minutes i finally had him off the hook and was fishing again.
Right at dark i let my dad take my fishing spot and i moved down to his because he was losing rigs alot faster than he was catching fish. Right when the water got black bam dad has one Was a really good fight and i was hoping to God that it wasnt another eel. Turned out to be a nice Red. the weighed about 10 pounds. He then caught two more nice black drum. and of course i got skunked that night.

Next morning went back to same spot and first cast my uncle landed a nice black drum that weighed about five pounds. and then nothing the rest of the morning. went to the surf and nothing then went back to the hole again and nothing.

woke up this morning and went out to the surf where the old Barnacle Bills pier was and saw a guy pulling in some nice trout. we started fishing and ended up with one more nice trout about 18" and dad ended up with a bunch of nice sea shells.

Overall had a very good trip. Had a great time again with my Uncle and of course i am ready to head back again.
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