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Had a full weekend booked and the river gods smiled on us! Saturday I had two clients in their 70's in my boat and my buddy was guiding a father/son group for 7 miles of smallie bliss! The morning was a bit slow with just 5 fish landed in my boat before lunch but then things sure changed! Not sure of the numbers but we ended up catching many nice smallies all on top water poppers! My clients were from FL and couldn't believe how hard these smallies fight. They don't just tug or pull they jump, come in at you and of course head to the rocks, trees or whatever else they can tie you up around.

On Sunday we again had two boats on the water with 4 clients! These guys had a blast! With the rain pouring down we dropped the boat in and headed down the river for an 8 mile float. A few fish were landed in both boats before lunch but then again it turned on. The rains stopped and the sun broke which must have triggered the smallies! They were nailing the top water poppers if fished correctly. Not sure of the numbers but I know we boated between 30-40 easily. Big fish of the day was just over 3lbs. with many in the 2lb. range. Again all on top water!!

Toughest part of the day was rowing and not getting to fish! Man I need some fishin time on the water. Had planned on hitting the river Monday afternoon but the rains have moved in and the river is high and muddy once again. If the rain will stop the river should be back in shape for this weekend.

Oh btw while floating 15 miles in two days we saw 2 other folks fishing and one of them was just below our takeout. Talk about having the river to ourselves, it was sweet to say the least.
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