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I just purchased this item, so have not tested it yet.
8/13/2010: use a bit on short outing. pole works well, esp. for the money. aluminum does get hot in the sun, but not a real problem is you use the plastic grips. you learn to drain pole before bring back in boat, and certainly before turning upright (dumps water in boat).

recommended purchase: Marsh Foot Attachment, $9.99

Official product description:

"The Avery® Trac-Loc Push Pole was designed with the waterfowler in mind! This 3-section, all aluminum pole collapses to 54" total length so you can store it in just about any boat box. The unique "tongue-in-groove" extrusion design allows the user to slide adjust the pole in the dark making all other push poles obsolete. Stainless steel push button adjustments make the Trac-Loc a lifetime addition to your boat's equipment. Maximum length is 10'. Olive drab."


Store: Dick's Sporting Goods; Overton's (both with duck hunting gear).

UPDATE: 7/17/2011: the collapsible pieces have jammed up on me, but was able to free them up. I realized i needed to get some kind of lubrication inside the pole. so i cut out a hole in the plastic handle, and sprayed powerblaster lubricant inside. not sure this is a great long-term solution, but it works for now.
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