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I headed out early this morning about 515 to try the top water action. Started off throwing a MTB buzzbait my favorite buzz bait so far. First cast about five feet away something big splashes the water not just once but three times heading out from the shoreline to the open water. I guess if I had arrived a few minutes earlier I might have had a chance at it.

tossed around a few spots that usually turn up a swipe with no luck. To my left on the bank a few times last week when topwater was working I had hits and swipes but never a fish on even multiple tries. So today I start my first run along that edge and about 10 feet from me I see the swirl I rip,and next thing all I have is line no lure or fish. I guess I now need to remember to always check line before I start and especially if the last time I tied a knot on the lure was in the dark. I lost my favorite buzz. Next time I hit that spot will have to go out in my waders and see if by any chance it just dropped on the strike.

Went with a buzz plug for a little no action and switched to a frog popper. Second cast something swipes at it and misses so immediately grab the senko wacky rigged toss it near swirl and off goes the line. A little dink but beat the skunk. fish number one with one miss.

switch to a bouya buzz with clacker and start working it around. Toss under this tree that overhangs and within a few seconds bam and fish on. Fish is running like crazy pulling drag and running toward bank. I hold on and now start working it toward me with a very nice fight going on. Fish starts running toward me and I am doing a great job keeping tension and fish goes airborne and off she goes. Fish was 6+ EASY. Cursed a few times but also happy that the top water action was back alive.

finally gave up on spot one and headed over to work behind a bridge. Working same buzz bait bam a nice 1.5 pounder and what a nice fight splashing and running under the bridge and than feels like the trailer hook snagged onto something briefly but fish got us off. Ended up bringing it on board now two caught and two lost with the size of loss definitely more than landed.

kept working bridge and got another one on but again runs under the bridge now splashing like mad and next thing I know fish is off the line.

moved to the shady side of the lake at 730 putting on the waders to get out in the water. Switched to a white tailed buzz just like other one and had a swirl up close dropped rod on shore grabbed wacky rig and tossed it in the spot and bam off the fish goes. This time a nice 1 pounder. So now I am at three lost and three landed.

worked another spot further down lake and again a miss on the buzz and toss in the senko and off it goes almost immediately after hitting the water. Ended up with a nice 2 pounder. Moved on to another spot and about 5 feet from me a fish attacks the buzz and takes off had a nice little fight thought I had it wore out gave one more run and off it went. Again a bigger fish.

Ended the day 4 and 4, was nice to have the action but losing my favorite buzz and three on the buzz just made me cringe but realize a day like this fishing is better than the best day work ever was!!!!!!!!!!
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