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Trim Question

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Here’s one for anyone who can help. I was fishing on Norman Saturday when the rain hit. By the time I made the thirty minute drive home the boat was water logged. I pumped out the bilge and backed the boat into the garage. In order to get the boat into the garage I have to trim the motor all the way down. Two hours after parking the boat I heard a loud boom and the walls shook. At first I thought it was just thunder, but I went to the garage to make sure. I found that the engine had trimmed up all by its self and the trim motor was constantly running. When the motor trimmed up it ripped a sink off the wall, busting the water lines and the prop left a huge hole in the sheetrock:eek:. Thank God! The boat and motor were not damaged. Every time I hit the trim button the motor would trim down, but as soon as I let go of the button it would immediately trim up again. I have four trim levers on the boat and none could stop the motor from trimming up. I eventually had to pull the power off the battery to get it to stop. I spent Sunday repairing sheetrock damage and plumbing instead of fishing:(. Has anyone ever experienced this problem before and could this have been the result of the solenoid getting wet? I plan on calling the dealership tomorrow in an attempt to figure it out. If you don’t have an answer I hope you at least enjoy the humor of the situation. :)
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It sounds like one of the switches maybe shorted or possibly the solenoid itself. If it's under warranty I'd take it to the dealer. If not, with a multi-meter and little time you could probably find the problem your self. One method without a meter would be to disconnect all the switches and see if the problem still exists - if not then hook them back up one at a time.
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Yeah, what TA said..
weird stuff happens on the water. Something got wet and didn't like it, it shouldn't happen like that but it did.

Sounds like a switch or something got wet and headed for the big short.

tight lines <*)))))>{
i've had that same problem with a yamaha 115. bad swith , had marks marine change out, no more problems.........chris
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