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We arrived at Rose Bay today at about 7:30am. Got the boat unloaded and headed out for some fun. Went to my first location and right away hooked up on a 15 1/2" Flounder. About 10 minutes later another 16" Flounder. While I am catching the Flounder my Son's are fishing bottom rigs with shrimp wearing out the Pin Fish and Croaker. They are not into fishing artificial bait (Yet!). After another 30 minutes I landed another 14" Flounder and let him go for another day. My last Flounder was a 17" keeper. All Flounder was caught on 3" Gulp Shrimp White with Char tail. Also changed over to a Top Pup for a while and had one blow up but didn't take the bait. My son's had a blast today just hanging out with their Dad and taking in the scenery from the water. They are already planning the next trip and now want to fish artificial baits. Hopefully my photos will upload.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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