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I'm staying on the beach at Jekyll Island the week after Mother's Day. I'll be bringing my Slayer Propel 13 and hope to find tripletail off the beaches. Just wondering if anyone has experience?

Wife has float plan
Won't cross inlet
PFD at all times
Otterbox phone tethered to PFD
Paddle tethered to kayak
Drive tethered to kayak
Stand assist leash - though I doubt I'll do any standing
If conditions are poor...not worth it

I've got a few days to study the tides/breakers
Wade out to a few feet deep on the trough, hop on between sets, PADDLE past the breakers before putting drive down

1 rod, tethered
1 bucket of live shrimp
Extra popping corks
Extra DOA shrimp
Extra leader material
Extra circle hooks
2oz bucktail if a cobia shows

Things to look for:
Other life
Clean water

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A lot like cobia with regard to holding on floating debris / structure. They won't really follow larger animals but anything that they can hang out under or near. Floating plywood, large pieces of rope, barrels, boys, crab pots, and floating palm trees.... I used all of those examples because I personally know people or have witnessed triple tail caught on each one of them in Florida. As for me.... Not so lucky. I have never caught one....

Surf launching a native propel. I used to own a mariner, i now own a hobie outback. The easiest way to launch and recover in the ocean is to keep the well cover off until you are on the go. Put the drive in the kayak with the prop t'ed off in the well. Paddle out until you feel like you can drop the prop and start pedaling. Once you get a safe distance out go ahead and stop and put the well cover on. Do the reverse for surf recovery. Make sure you put the drive tabs on the mounting bar for the drive unit. Thats your saving grace if you turtle in the water.
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