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Took my boy to a farm pond yesterday and tried this trolling thing for crappie. After reading several reports on several sights I thought they would be shallow. The lake is 15 foot deep and we only marked fish if we were in at least 8feet of water or deeper. We trolled several different types of jigs and caught around 24 crappie in 2 1/2 hours. The water temp. was around 71 degrees. I was confused as to why the fish were so "deep" (relatively speaking). I am new to this whole trolling thing, but was happy with our success. We were in a 10' john boat and trolled with the motor on anything from #1-#4 and caught fish on all settings (it's a 30lb. thrust motor). We marked the fish from 4-8' deep in all depths of water. We tried another pond and marked fish at the same depths as the first one, but didn't catch anything in that pond.
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