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The attached picture is just to assure anybody reading this post that I'm not crazy and have caught plenty of big fat trout this year. These in the pic were caught about a month ago.

So I've been chasing the trout hard lately and have been coming up with a whole lot of nothing but in the past couple days I have been seeing some signs that there were trout and a lot of them in a new area that I've been exploring. Giant clouds of shrimp all over the place was my first clue and then as I was driving by yesterday I saw several blowups on the top of the water coupled with shrimp popping out of the water running from the blowups. So I went back last night with the intention of gigging the area and i never even left the ramp. There were blowups happening in several spots within casting range of the dock. While a few of the blowups did sound like the swiping strikes of a ladyfish there were also plenty of pops with that hollow deep sound that you always hear as a trout is engulfing your topwater plug. I proceeded to throw my entire tackle box to these fish to include spook, spook jr, top dog jrs, top pups, mr17s of several colors, xraps, popping corks with storm shrimp, gulp shrimp on light jig heads, halo shad, jerk shad, and I followed it all up with live bait to include mullet/menhaden/shrimp both under a popping cork and on a carolina rig. I even tried weighting the mullet and menhaden when I realized that they were swimming on top of the water by the float when I just had the bare hook on. All of this over the course of two hours and the whole time the blowups were happening. Not a single bite. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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