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Trout and snook with the wife.

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We're headed out on our honey moon almost a year later due to my wife's new teaching job. Anyway were taking a cruise and we're headed out of ft lauderdale. We decided to come early and spend 2 days with Nana in Vero Beach. Lucky for me it's a great fishery here in the Indian river lagoon. I booked a 4hr charter in hopes the wife would go.
Capt agreed to leave the dock at 8am so she was a go which made me very happy because she's never been fishing before for anything but some bluegills when she was a kid. We left the dock at 8am sharp and headed to try and catch a tarpon or 2. I really wanted to get her on something that would wow her. We spotted a few rolling but couldn't get a hook up. So we decided to head further south in search of some trout and reds.
Ended up catching 4 nice trout before running out of a limited supply of Croker. Switched to shrimp and we caught catfish, snapper, sheepshead, and lady fish. No luck in the Reds. But it was a blast I had more fun watching her then catching fish. Best part was captain kept saying ah it's a small trout. And it was for that area but I was stoked and so was she. Ended the day fishing a small island to catch a few snook that Finally got air born and gave her a little show.

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