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Ok so normally catching a fish on every (if not every, then never went more than 2 or 3 casts without a hookup) cast would be a great thing, but Id like some opinions on the situation.

I found a spot full of small trout (between 8 and 13 inches) and it didnt really matter what I threw at them, they nailed it. Most were caught on a vudu shrimp under a cork and others on assorted mirrolures. They seemed to hit the mirrolures after letting them sink to the bottom and bouncing near the bottom. The popping cork usually got hit on the fall after a couple good pops. The location was about 75 yards off a grassy bank in about 8-10 feet of water in a main channel connecting the ICW to the ocean. All 3 days I fished the area was on a rising tide.

My question is this: Do you stay put and continue catching small fish as long as they are biting? Or do you move on searching for larger fish. Do any of you know from experience if larger trout will occupy the same holes as small trout? Or if all you are catching is small trout, does that generally mean thats all there is and there is little change of mamma being near by? Lets hear your opinions

I should also add that I only catch and release, but I am specifically looking for large trout to upgrade my kayakwars and NCKFA tournament fish.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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