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Turkey Creek Topsail

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heading to Turkey Creek in the morning with a friend I have never fished their and I know the wind is going to be SSW 10 to 15 tomorrow. Is their some Good cover back in the creek with winds like that or are we just going to get blown all over the place.
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paddles, Is That Turkey Creek In Sneeds Ferry? Chris
Well it is off of old folkstone road. So I think it is in Sneeds Ferry
paddles, Ounce You Get Out Of The Bay And Up Into The Creek You Should Be Ok, I've Fished There In The Past, That's A Good Creek For Reds.................chris
Very Protected Up The Creek Away From The Ramp. Big Oyster Bar But Should Not Be A Problem In A Kayak. I Expect You Will Do Well.
Well we got skunked. It was nice and calm when we got there and in aout 3 hours the winds just to strong and I was with a friend that has never paddled before so I used my head and got him back to the ramp. So I would like to fish the creek again. If anyone is interested and has knowlege of the area I would love to meet up with you some weekend and give it another try.
Thanks for all the good info and I am planning on getting back up there soon.
You might want to try to link up with Bread Man. He doesn't Yak but he does know that creek REAL well.
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