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Universal Fly Tying Guide
By Dick Stewart
Mountain Pond Publishing
56 Pages
ISBN 0-936644-20-6
Copyright 1979, April 1994
Cover Price $12.95
Book size 11”x8.5” Large Soft bound
Second Edition, Second Printing

This best seller instructional book for fly tying has over 150 selected fly patterns. Author Dick Stewart is the former editor and publisher of American Angler magazine. Author of at least 8 other books about fly tying and fly fishing.

The book covers the following:

Basic tools, other tools, hooks, materials, proportions, dubbing techniques, color guide, glossary.

Then step by step instructions, with 10 photos on 1 page on tying each of the following:

Red and white bucktail
Black ghost streamer
Woolly bugger
Hare’s ear nymph
Leadwing coachman
Elk hair caddis
Red quill
Muddler minnow
Henback sculpin

Then 1 photo of the completed fly and materials required tying:

Classic dry flies x25 (x25 means 25 different classic dry fly photos and material are included)
No hackle dry flies x5
Caddis dry flies x5
Wet flies x10
All purpose nymphs x5
All purpose mayfly x5
May fly nymphs x5
Stone fly nymphs x5
Other nymphs x5
Bucktails x10
Streamers x15
Terrestrials x5
Terrestrials and others x5
Steelhead flies x10
Atlantic salmon Flies x10
Bass flies x10
Saltwater flies x10


390 Posts
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This book may be out of print and you will have to check the used book stores in your neck of the woods or visit the online used book websites to purchase.
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