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Ok, so I keep an eye on the weather all week. Plan my fishing trip all the way to Friday evening (yesterday) for it to be smashed by mine and a few other buddies wives last night. They come up with an alternative plan to go to CALO instead of us boys fishing.

So until about 11pm last night, that was the plan. Then I think to myself.......we could just shoot out really early and be back by the time they wake up.

Well long story short.............we got out there early and the FREAKING bite was on!!!!!!!!!

Over 40-50 grouper caught and we brought back over 50lbs of meat!!!

You can't see some of the guys in the picture due to several sleeping or puking individuals at any moments notice. Mind you the seas were as flat as my front yard!!

And Saylor my son boated the 2 of the biggest grouper of the day. At one time, we were throwing grouper in the floor and culling them out!

Oh and the getting back early plan was shot and we all were concerned about the rage we would face when we got back into cell reception. All was fine and well when we got back......this time!

Several happy and several sick fisherman later, little man has caught the 28lber and the 18lber of the day!

Awesome day to say the least!!!


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