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So I havent been on in a while. Work, school and fishing were keeping me busy i guess. Fished several tournaments in the last month or two and have learned a lot about several of the local lakes and some good patters for the fall season on these lakes.

Fished out of the Steel Bridge ramp at the upper end of gaston in November. It took 14 pounds to win thought the guys fell onto the bite after they had exhausted every option and rigged senkos up accross from the ramp on some rock bluffs. Not too sure if there was anything consistant to this. Our pattern that was good enough of 5th place and a big fish of 4# was to stay up in the river (in site of the Kerr Dam at times) and fish small mid-range cranks parallel to the big grass lines and work it s-l-o-w. Good for 20 fish a day of various size if you know the right bait/color. Also the small creek mouths up there as well as the huge rock outcroppings were good at times. There needs to be some kind of current for it to be best either by wind direction or by the pushing water from Kerr. The 4# came at the cut through at Buggs Island.

Jordan Lake-mid november. I didnt get to fish as a result of some bad food the night before but the bite was on in the right places. Rip rap along 64 bridge and the bridge by ferrington produced a 17# sack caught on shad raps and spinner baits. Seems to be a very consistant pattern out there. I had pattered some fish along the steep bluffs in the Haw river arm on jigs at the mouths of small coves, but keepers were tough to get.

Kerr Lake Dec 1- So I admit Kerr is my Waterloo. I have great days there at times but overall not so hot. We launched at ivy hill and fished some rock bluffs, some clay bank, and into and out of some coves near clarksville. I ended up catching 4 on a glass rap but got schooled at weigh in by several nice sacks of fish. Everyone had a common lure type, shad raps, rattle traps, and spinner baits. All fished similar things as we did, the secret was finding the bait, something that i never could find good amounts of all day.
Thats just fishing i guess,

Either way I learned a lot about these three bodies of water and will remember it for next fall. Next is Harris in January. If anyone has any advice please do share.

Tight lines, Bryce
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