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Used motors

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Does anybody know of anywhere that sells some small horsepower used tiller motors? I have a 14 foot jon boat that is in serious need of a little horsepower. Also, who makes a good low power motor that can be used in salt water. Thank you for any help in advance.
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Any motor should be flushed after salt water use and that is really all that matters as far as choosing "saltwater engines" over others. For the difference in price the idea is over rated as long as you maintain what you have properly.
I see alot of good deals on Craigslist for smaller motors often. I think all of you major manufacurers have good quality small outboards and have for many years. Dont be afraid of a 25 or more yr old engine if it runs well, starts easy and has been maintained well.
Briggs and Stratton also makes a small 5hp outboard now that is aircooled ( basically a lawn mower motor on an outboard lower unit). Reports so far seem pretty good but I think that may be small depending on your load and fishing style. I'd go for a 10hp (some call it 9.9) at least depending on what your boat is rated for. Also I prefer the exteral tank ( which most can be adapted to ) because it gives you good range. Keep in mind you'll want to move as much weight forward as you can to balance the load and acheive a good level plain at full speed so plan to keep the battery and fuel at least mid way if possible. You can buy tanks as small as 3 gal that are easy to tuck away.
I am a Evinrude/Johnson fan, but in the smaller engines the playing field seems to be pretty equal depending on what you want to spend. $300-$500 is common for used small motors. Not bad when new ones can go over $2K. If you are mechanical you can pick them up not running and if you get the history on it it can often just be a Fuel/Carb issue...but buyer beware!!
Find you local shops, the small (Mom n Pop folks) and ask if they have any that may have been left behind or some guys fix a few for resale during the slow months.
If I come across any "steals" I'll PM you......
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Thanks sundrop appreciate the info
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