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VHF Help

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Just bought a Carolina Skiff 21 DLV. The VHF shows low battery and shuts off on 25 watt use and says liw battery. This boat has a shotty wire job from the start. I have 3 questions.

1. What are the extra 2 black wires for coming out of the harness?

2. Does the fuse panel for the vhf need to be directly connected to the battery? (It looks as if its jumped off of the switch panel next to the steering wheel)

3. If so, what gauge wire needs ran from battery to fuse panel? (Looks like they used 12 ga.
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So, anything I say here is going to be a WAG (wild a$$ guess). What brand and model VHF radio is it? Go on-line to the manufacturer’s website and see if you can download the owners manual and installation instructions. That has worked out for me on several occasions.

Now the guessing…is the VHF radio GPS enabled? If so, do you have a GPS antenna connected? Maybe that is what the black wires are for? Or are they for an auxiliary speaker (doubtful because they are usually connected by a jack).

I have always wired my radio directly to the battery, via an in-line fuse. I have avoided connecting to a breaker, because in an emergency I don’t want to have to remember or search around for the right breaker. I know others may think this is nuts, and that it is a possible source to draw down the battery, but it has worked OK for me.
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