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Video with pioneers of fly fishing

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Here's a link to an excellent video with some of our fly fishing pioneers like Lefty, Flip, etc
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Awesome video Richard. I was glued to it. The only fly fishers I knew of were Lefty Kreh, and Jean Wulff, but glad I got to listen to the others. I learned a little more about Lefty's Deceiver, and why he came up with it, and how it works. Interesting how the buck tail causes the hackle to work better. I have been tying some of them lately.
I enjoyed the video. I think there are several folks not featured in the segment we saw....Bob Clouser, Dave Whitlock etc. Some of the old videos with Lee Wulff are also quite interesting.

There is an excellent dvd out with Flip Pallot interviewing Lefty Kreh. Lefty has had quite an interesting life...growing up...WWII ...early days of fishing and how he got into fly fishing etc. Well worth the watching.
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