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River run's thru Raven Rock state park to the East of Sanford off NC 27, easy to get to from HWY 87 or from NC 421

here's a link for the park, it's pretty nice and I've heard the fishin is pretty good at times, but I've never "fished" there. So I'm sure fly fishin the river and some of the shallower water might be decent.

If going for trout, head west a good ways, Lake Lure, Bat Cave area, Dillsboro all come to mind.

Around Fayetteville you have Harris lake, Jordan lake, Cape Fear River, Raven Rock, White lake and further south lake Wacamaw.

In those lakes/rivers you can catch hybrids, strippers, crappie, carp, white bass, yellow perch, pickeral, almost every kind of catfish, black crappies, large/small mouths,,, etc..

Harris lake is a good bet up around the grass and lilly pad areas back in the coves, Jordan top water around points and deep creeks for strippers and bass, Wacamaw for black crappie and yellow perch and White lake for yellow perch...

Those are the most common waters to fish around here.

Now, if you have a float tube, there's a place I can tell you to fish that's amazin up by the Shearon Harris plant, it's off the main lake and dammed up and aint but one way to get in there to fish and alot of folks dont know it's there unless yer a hunter if'n ya know what I mean. If interested, email me and I'll give you directions, it's close and off US 1 as you head towards Sanford and it's close to HWY 42 if comin down Pee Ridge Road.

[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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