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I have been notified by VDGIF biologist Scott Smith that they will be doing a sampling of the Smith River during the period 31July through 2 August, 2003.

Volunteers are always welcome to assist or just observe the operation. If you plan to actively assist you will need your chest waders. They will not have a firm location timeline until the generation schedule is published for that period. For general planning you should look for them in the upper river in the morning and in the lower river in the afternoon. (Look for 4-5 pickup trucks, a couple of which will be towing small trailers)

This is an excellent opportunity to see very high numbers of fish that you probably did not think exist in some sections of the Smith River. It will also give you a chance to talk with the VDGIF biologists. Who knows you may even see some of those 18-20 inch fish which seem to elude most of us. Unfortunately I am off for a family reunion during that period so if you do see any of those big fish, let me know which section they are living in.:D

If you have never participated in a "shocking" operation before and are concerned about being in the water with all that voltage I can speak from experience and say that it is very low voltage and the most you will feel is a tingle if you dip your hand or arm into the water very near the probe.

If you plan to help out or just to observe and have any questions, contact me and I will either try to answer or pass on to Scott Smith for direct response.
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