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the initial idea was to catch a few trout saturday but upon remembering it was INSANE DAY on my favorite DH waters, i instead opted to jump around a few spots north of boone, with my wading shoes on. i call those my "scouting" days, hitting multiple locations quickly so i can find places worth return visits. hit up a couple state park access places on the south fork of the new. all were busy (totally expected on a beautiful saturday, good to see people enjoying the outdoors), which made fishing kinda difficult. but at waggoner access, did manage to find this guy ...

Water Plant Sky Fish Lake

this guy was the first one i caught after the hook-in-thumb incident, which was nice. this also is the same fish as is below. fun with camera angles makes it look a lot bigger in the second one. ha. caught a couple more there, and a couple in other spots but not nearly that big. all on the uv speed craw, the pumpkin color with the orange "pinchers" ... my go-to color combo.

then drove along 88 following the north fork of the new, stopping at whatever pull-offs were available (sans "no trespassing" signs) and caught a couple trout, all on my magic 2-inch senkos.

Water Fish Grass Salmon-like fish Terrestrial plant

finally, stopped at a DH section of the watauga west of boone around 5:30ish. caught one nice smallie (on the tiny senko) but there were several other people there, in my favorite spots on that stretch so i didn't stay long. one guy in particular seemed to be pulling them in with regularity, though.

didn't catch a fish at every stop, but all in all, not a bad day.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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