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I've been testing out some new baits recently the IMA Roumba and the Incredi -Slim by Culprit. They both have proven well on the French Broad river. The Incredi-slim rigged on a Arkie U-head jig has been a solid fish producer for me this year all over the state for Bass. (thats the setup hanging out the mouth of the nice largemouth my wife pulled out of the Pigeon in early March)

I like the idea of a wake bait for the FB because of the the shallow rocky runs and ledges in specific sections, you will constantly hang up a deeper running crankbait in those spots. The Roumba has a great profile and coloring in the crawfish pattern, at first I was worried it might be alittle big overall. But... I've stuck the two largest smallies this year on big baits, this bait and a River2sea S-wave swimbait, have both put fish in the boat over 3 lbs. The Roumba can be found on sale currently at for $9 ish.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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