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A friend and I hooked up at the reservoir last evening around 4:00 pm and fished until dark. I borrowed his Ultimate 12 to try out, glad I bought one because it was much more comfortable and stable than the SIT I had tried earlier.

Water of course very low. Started at the two bubblers off the dam and did ok on small crappie. They were hitting small 2" mister twisters in white and chartreuse, also had a couple on inline spinners. Left there and headed up to the north end, fishing in one to two feet of water we each caught a pickeral, his being a lot bigger than mine. Some small perch up there as well.

Headed back to the bubblers and had a couple isolated hits but no fish and called it a day.

The previous day he had run into a bunch of white perch and white bass at the bubblers, no sign of them today.

Anyway, a fun way to spend a couple of hours and got home not wet and without a broken tailbone.

Had trolled a bit at Falls in the CC in the morning, marked very few fish and the ramp at Upper Bartons was getting to the point where it will be tough to use soon for longer boats (running out of pier).
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