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I had a few hours to spare yesterday afternoon so I ran ovr to Wake Reservoir to see if anything was biting yet. Spent from 3:00 to around 5:00 pm shorefishing right next to the ramp.

Tried small minnows without any success and changed over to red wigglers (garden worms). Was fishing between 2' and 4' under bobbers. Caught three very nice bluegill/panfish, bigger than my hand. Would have considered them keepers if I had been keeping. Finished off the day with another small bass.

Most of the fish took the worm after a real slow retrieve, I would guess they were starting to set up their spawning beds, as they were pretty much right on the bottom less than 30' from shore.

So far, catching more fish from shore here than from the boat on Falls, hope that changes over as the water warms up.

Talked to one of the JBFC members when he was launching his boat there, he said he'd caught bass over 5 lbs, cats, crappie, panfish, and even pickeral in there, so I may have to break down and get a little electric powered boat for short trips on the lake.
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