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Washington Area Fishing

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Hey - I'm new to town just came from Chicago and midwest bass fishing. I'm working in Washington but thinking about getting a place on the river in Chocowinity. I've been trying to find out as much information as I can about fishing in this area. My main concern is getting a place to live that's real close to . I'm looking at one along Ridgecrest Rd near Moore's Beach in Chocowinity or in the downtown area of Washington. If river fishing is good in Chocowinity I will probably move there so I can drag the kayak out and hit the striper's and whatever else is there.

Any comments on fishing this area in general are greatly appreciated.

By the way - I don't have boat so shore fishing will by my main method but if I do move to Chocowinity I think I'll probably get a kayak because I'd have plenty of docks to launch from.

Thanks - Kevin
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That area is the shoreline of Chocowinity Bay on the Pamlico River. Stripers are there most years all year long. NO monsters but fun fish. Flounder,trout reds and even the occasional LM Bass depending on the rainfall forcing more freshwater downriver. You'll have good access to Blounts Creek, Aurora all of which have decent fishing. The pamlico river isnt deep in any of those areas so a good wind makes it pretty choppy but you can run the edges with a kayak and toss under/around docks all day long!!
I've never been to the area and have done almost no saltwater fishing. Would I be able to take a 14' Jon boat there with a 15HP motor? Forgive the question, I'm a freshwater lake guy.
This whole area is great for any small /mid sized boats. You can fish upriver for fresh species or downriver for salties!! I'll be glad to help all I can!
one of my boats is a 14' with a 15hp and I use it around washington and down in swanquarter also , just watch the weather and dont go in big water if there's much wind , when it is blowing just trailor your boat to the lee side of the river and fish a creek
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