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Welcome aboard a new online fishing community for North Carolina anglers! January 1st, 2005 I launched this site with the goal of creating a place to find information and expertise for any type of fishing experience from the mountains to the coast of this great state. was created by a NC fisherman for NC fishermen. But fisher folk from around the US who desire to come to our beautiful waters are welcome to drop by for a visit. In fact anyone is welcome to join us. :)

I will be adding a number of features over the next few months, but after completing registration you will immediately be able to post threads in the Forums, upload pictures in the photo Gallery, send eCards, list items for sale or items you're looking to buy in Classifieds, and you can Review any fishing or boating related product that you can upload a picture of. All of this is available by simply registering.

This is a family-friendly site and I ask that you only post threads and images that you're comfortable with a young child seeing. I reserve the right to pull an image or post that doesn't meet this test. You can only register on the site if you are over 13 years old, but we take a family approach to fishing so let's keep it accessible to young eyes.

I believe I've created a comprehensive list of forums to get us started , but if you think of others you'd like to see let me know. Please send me a PM (private message) or email with any suggestions or questions about the site. And I hope you'll tell all your fishing friends about and add links to our site from yours. And if you are interested in moderating a forum once it becomes populated please let me know.

Again welcome and I hope you experience a blessed 2005!

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