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Caught a bunch of LMB this weekend -- several on buzz bait and plastics (drop-shot and T-rig), but lots on shallow to medium cranks (KVD 1.5 squarebill, Rapala DT6) over rocks 3-6-ft deep. Most fish in the 1-1.5lb range with a few a bit larger. Finally got one big one early -- 6lbs 1oz. Thought I was hung on the rocks until my line started to move sideways. Fish had the frame of a much larger fish, huge head and noticeably smaller body. Older fish, had a growth on the front center of her bottom lip, but released in (apparently) good health. Fish were scattered, but did find one spot where they were concentrated. They'd get wise to the crank, so I'd leave 'em alone for 30min or so and then start catching 'em again. Finally had to call it a day to pedal (Mariner Propel) back to my launch point. Although I caught some fish on a straight retrieve, most bites came on an erratic retrieve and/or when I could bounce the bait off rocks or timber. Got another two-for-one -- hooked up at beginning of cast with a ~1lb fish (it jumped), then suddenly realized my rod loaded up with more weight than I expected. Apparently a second fish tried to take it away and got hooked up instead. One had front treble, other one snagged the rear. Good day of fishing. But no fish on deep cranks and few fish stacked up in my "favorite" spots. Just a different pattern and had to spend quite a bit of time early experimenting with different lures and presentations in order to find willing fish.

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