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Made one more trip up to Weldon yesterday. We bought 8 dozen large bass minnows in Greensboro before we left Wednesday night ($2.99 a dozen), picked up my uncle in Burlington about 9:00pm, got to Roanoke Rapids lake (5th street boat ramp) about 11:00pm, slept in the truck till about 4:30am, tried to net shad for about an hour while getting rained on (caught all we needed here last week), got back to the truck to find 8 dozen dead minnows in the cooler (aererator {sp} died during the night, got more depressed by the minute. Had 3 live minnows and 4 live shad. Hit the river and had 6 in the boat on the first drift with one keeper and now no live bait. We bit the bullet and went and bought about $25 worth of minnows (which was about 4-5 dozen) and managed about 35-40 fish for the day (did catch a few on dead bait/cut bait). This was my uncle's first trip for stripers and couldn't believe when I told him we had a slow day. He had a ball. We caught all of ours from the creek/canal to the first big curve down from the big rock where the willows are on the left. Had a slow but good day! Spent 4 days on the river this year and put over 100 fish in the boat, with only one fish being caught the first day we went up, which was when they were releasing 20,000 cfs from the dam a couple weeks ago.

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