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Went out today to a local honey hole that always has produced for me and gives my brother an opportunity to catch some bluegill. He has been asking for two days prior to today so I took him out for an hour or so since today wasn't nearly as hot as it has been. We got to the pond and as he was getting set up on the dock I caught a little guy first cast off a senko. I walked around the pond throwing a c-rig and a senko while my brother picked up some bluegill on the dock. I walked back around and he is ready to go around the hour mark and I say to him alright one last I love those words. Cast out to the deep end with my c-rig junebug trick worm..pulled it over a Christmas tree or two I placed into the pond this winter with anortnc7 and tick tick tick and the line takes off! I set the hook and she jumps and I knew it was a nice one. Got her ashore and she weighed in at 7lb 5oz and 22.5''!! New PB for 2014!! Overall, got outfished by my little brother 3-2 but I'll take this anyday if it means getting outfished. Now it's time to break it again :D


Thanks for Reading!
Tight Lines :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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