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This year the "What-Ever" Fishing Team will be fishing the following tournaments this year. Hopefully we can win one of them and I can get to shave JR's head.
I can hardly wait. Also if there are any ladies out there that would like to fish in a king tournament that is geared just for them then you need to fish the Lady Anglers the first weekend in Aug. It is a lot of fun because the only thing the man can do is drive the boat, throw the net for bait, gaff the fish. The ladies get to do everything, even tell them where to go.
I look forward to it every year. So wish us luck and hopefully we will see some of you there.

June ??? King of the Cape KMT, Southport (date undecided) SKA
June 23-24 Jolly Mon KMT, Ocean Isle SKA
July 20-21 FLW Outdoors KMT, Southport
July 28 Triumph Boat Owners
Aug. 3-4-5 Long Bay Lady Anglers, Southport
Aug. 24-25 FLW Outdoors KMT, Southport
Sept. 22 Long Bay Artificial Club Challenge, Southport
Oct. 4-5-6 U.S. Open KMT, Southport
Oct. 26-27-28 Fall Brawl KMT, Ocean Isle SKA
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