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ICM, I've actually seen that video before. Epic.

As for me on that day between the jetty and the inlet, I got to the beach around 7:30am with low tide called for around 8:30am. Tossing jigging spoon with no luck. Same one I slayed blues and juvenile trout at the inlet in Beaufort a couple weeks before. Temperature was high 30s rising into 50s, clear blue skies. Light WNW/W wind throughout the day.

I toss same on either side of the Pier nearby during high tide around 2:30pm. Nothing.

I tricked a puffer back at the jetty around sunset but that was it all day hanging in the area.

I've never had much luck there but keep thinking I'll have a breakout one of these days because of weather, tide or something or rather. :🤷:
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