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What kind of fish?

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These fish are in a little pond which is used as an emergency water source for our volunteer fire department. The largest I've seen is the one pictured. Most are about 2' or 3" long. Local kids catch them with worms but I caught it using a sinking fly trailed behind a casting float. No pictures of trout I've looked up seem to match. I'm located up in Watauga County.


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Don't think I've ever seen a fish like that, unless it is the young of a larger fish that I haven't seen.
Creek chub, I believe.But certainly some type of chub.
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Thank you Jerry. I appreciate your reply and info.
I agree. Chub.
Tillery has lots of those chubs like that. I catch them in the castnet alot.
Makes good catfish bait.
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Definitely a creek chub. I used to catch these in rivers up north and then use them for bait.
According to Uncle Steve they eat pretty good.

Gene - RED >X< - Asheboro
Creek chub, aka Eno River trout:D They need a gravel bottom to deposit their eggs in. In rivers like the Eno where there isn't enough of a gravel bottom they build cone-shaped piles of stones to spawn in. They readily take flies and put up a good fight for their size.
I'll second the fighting ability. Viewed as trash fish by most, this fish is feisty. I'd love to get into some larger sizes. In my eyes it would be similar to a sucker, and sucker ain't no slouch.
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