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What makes a reel loud after you oil it?

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I oiled the bearings on one of my spinning reels and now it makes noise when I reel it. Kinda like after you spray wd-40 on a roller blade or skateboard bearings. Why does it do this? I put a little oil on the actual gears and I know your suppose to grease not oil gears but I did anyway so is this whats causing the noise?
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What kind of oil did you use? It was probably too thick. Reel bearings do best with very light oils.
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Definitely has something to do with viscosity of the oil used unless you have dislodged tiny shivers of metal.

Very tough to say without eyeballing it.
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Penetrating oil can wash loose corrosion, putting the dust/mud into the bearings that once clung only to the housings. Sort of like putting cleaner in a fuel tank and breaking the varnish loose actually making more problems..
I'd say something is out of place when you are talking about a noise while reeling. At that point you are talking about a low speed bearing. You wouldn't get a noise on a such a bearing if you soaked it in alcohol and put it right back in there dry. you would feel it before you ever heard it. Most bearings in reels aren't high grade bearings anyway.
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