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What number do I call?

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I went to Rhoades pond and was deeply disappointed in the shape of the pond. Debris was all over the banks. The grass in many parts was very high (up to your knee). This is a very nice pond but it needs to be taken care of better. So who do I call and what number do I call to report this?
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NC Wildlife Resources Commission is responsible for freshwater fishing and boating stuff... According to their website, it looks like they're the ones responsible for putting Rhodes Pond into public use:

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]"The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, working with the Sandhills Area Land Trust, is acquiring the 461-acre pond for conservation and recreation uses. " -- let's see, maybe "engineering services"? 919-707-0150? There's a page of various departments under the contacts link... none of 'em titled "lawnmowing", though...


That's what I wasn't sure of. Which department to call. I'd even help out there and I'm sure that many others would also if there could be a specified time (until football season is over though I'll prolly go nowhere). One day would be enough I think to get that place in good shape if everyone was to help out.
what link did you find the info about rhoades pond under?
I went to and searched on "Rhodes Pond". That quote is from a May 2005 press release.

Thanks alot.
Sad to here. We have a local annual event here that is organized in conjunction with the county and soil and water to clean up creek banks and water sheds. Encourage these types of activities in your area.
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