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What to catch them with ...stripers, that is????

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Hello everyone, I have lived in NC for 15 years and have never really gotten involved with the striper fishing here.I have always been pulling stretches or casting storms in VA along the bridge tunnels to catch them.About the only fishing I have done was about 15 years ago when the Blues would have their November blitz and more recently some lazy surf fishing with my kids down at Oregon Inlet.Can anyone point me in the right direction for the sound at the Wright Memorial Bridge?Now that I have my daughter intrested in fishing, I dont want to let her down by not putting fish in the boat...Thanks alot, Rob
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Hi Robert and welcome to I have moved your thread to the Saltwater Striper forum. I hope you get some good info here soon. Also be sure to use the search tool on the main page to search our site for "Oregon Inlet" and "Striper" posts.
Try the next bridge down which goes from Mann's Harbor to Roanoke Island. Work the pilings with a live eel hooked upward through the lips on a small jig. You'll make memories. There's a marina conveniently located on the west shore where you can buy bait and put in. Good luck.
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Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try!!! Is there any good size to the stripers there yet?
Thanks Rockfish. I just watched a show on Carolina Journal about fishing that area and was trying to find out where I needed to go to put the boat in. I love this site!!!
The stripers caught in the Mann's Harbor area are typically in the 2-5 lb range. They are plentiful and great fun on light tackle. The monsters are caught casting into the shoals outside Oregon Inlet and along the beaches in the surf. Oregon Inlet is a dangerous place so beware.
Try the Norton sand eel or H&H Cocahoe they work great on stripers trout and reds or big top water plug like a Super Spook of Poppa Dog
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Thanks alot. I did go out this weekend and caught all I wanted of 8 to 10 lb fish, but no monsters yet...Maybe its not meant to be for me, lol...
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