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Had an on water situation last week where my power pole got stuck in the down position. We jury-rigged it and got home okay, but I didn't have a tool kit on board. Curious about what others carry on board for emergencies.

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Tools to change a prop, screwdrivers, electrical tape, tie-wraps, fuses, and pliers. But I have a small boat.
10-4 what NCTribute carries on a larger boat.
Get one of those tool kits from West Marine. Well spent $50
Yes, forgot about the tie-wraps, another must have. Tube of super glue is also on the boat most of the time.
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all of the above, some duct tape super glue and zip ties are a must. some electric wire, and fuses so I can rig up a bypass to wire something if needed. I also keep a spool of twine since once , I drove back in alone in Belhaven with a busted throttle cable using wrapped 80lb braided fishing line as a hand throttle. (Drove a mustang home like that once too in the middle of the night from the beach 100 miles with speaker wire LOL.) I was alone so I couldn't operate the throttle and steer from the back. I also carry extra spark plugs. I run 2 strokes and they can foul a plug. A cigarette lighter and an LED penlight with a AAA Duracell battery. It all fits with some flares in a plano deep dry storage box along with an emergency poncho and a ziplock bag or registration papers. I don't carry prop tools as I have a trolling motor and batteries to get me somewhere. But if I were going somewhere desolate I would carry them and my old prop.

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I keep mine pretty simple, it has covered everything I have needed. I dont need a full mechanics tool set on the water, I am not going to rebuild my motor standing knee deep in the lake. I keep more tools and parts in the truck.

-Pliers (have channel lock, needle nose and side cutters on board)
-electrical tape
-assortment of electrical connectors
-emery cloth
-jumper cables
-spare trolling motor prop
-screw drivers
-first aid kit
-nav light bulbs
-tow rope
-flash light

In the truck:
- bottle jack
- 4 way lug wrench
- air pump
- 12V work light
- mechanics tool kit
- hammer
- pry bar
- a few blocks of 2X4
- trailer lock
- spare prop (with nut, spacer and cotter pins, also keep a Flo-torq hub kit incase I have to borrow a prop)
- Minnkota steering cable set
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