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whats the word on the trout?

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Im looking to go out to the mountains near dillsboro to fish the tuck not this weekend but the next. Thing is i want to camp and i dont know of any camp grounds near there. Next thing is I talked to a guy a couple weeks ago said the fishing wasnt that good. So what i need help on is 1.) Do you guys know anywhere around that region where i can camp on the river and not have to pay. 2.) How is the bite been lately.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Also if you know the hatches in the area so i can start mass producing some flies for the trip
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I was in Graham Co. last weekend fishing the Big Snowbird, it rained hard Friday night so the main stream was murky but, got into some brookies on the smaller feeder streams. We went by the Tuck on the way to another brookie stream, it was murky below Dillsboro but looked good upstream past W.Carolina U. I wish we had time to stop. Don't know anything about camping. Sorry
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