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I was just wondering how some people set up their leaders for the salt water.
Being new to the saltwater fly scene and fly fishing in general, I 've been using a 25pd mono with a double surgeons knot to a 15 pd tippet, roughly about 4ft long overall. That is on my intermediate line. For floating I usually just use a store bought one about 9 ft

To connect them i use a nail knot. After hooking into a nice speck and some blues, and feeling the fight im wondering, should i come up with some better rigs.

So i was wondering how you salty fly rodders set your leaders up.

Also im also lost on what and where the bimini twist is for and where it goes.

And one last thing. Has anyone heard of any saltwater fly seminars going on, Such as dealing with this kind of info.

Appreciate all the help. Tight loops
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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