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When to fish

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What time of day do you fish during the winter? I only have had mid afternoon/evening times, helps that it's warmer then to but outside of two days (12/26,27) I haven't caught or seen caught at one spot. It could be that spot but I wonder if the time of day might play into it. Those days were warmer if I recall so that might account for it.

Also which weather type of days are you going out, not going out?

I also assume that this answer is different for bank fishing than other types because we are limited in location and can't get to deeper parts of the water where the fish might be at.
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Winter I always fish during the warmest time if I can..for personal comfort.

Bank fishing try to find a spot to get you as deep as possible..I try to fish 12-14 feet if I can. Had good luck running minnows down a slip bobber into the water column to find the crappie..

I have not had any luck with ponds at all during this first fishing in NC.
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I try to fish from about 2 till 5 pm. Usually on eastern side of lake or spots sun has hit for most of day. Cranks and plastics generally are the baits used. Work everything slow
want big winter bass? shortly after sunup to about 10-11am.
want big winter bass? shortly after sunup to about 10-11am.
I may have to get up earlier maybe I will get that 9 pounder
Best time to fish is when you can. Usually in the winter, I can catch them any time of day. In the fishes world underwater there isnt alot of temperature change in a short time like we feel, especially a few feet down in the water column. Many assume that deep is the only way to go in the winter, however there can be shallow fish too. Shallow water warms up faster and sunlight pentrates and warms the bottom and the fish that move up to take advantage of the heat.
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