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where 2go near raleigh

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Hey guys im going to start doing more fishing when it warms up instead of sitting round the house. does anyone know of some good places to go; i dont have a boat yet just 2 yaks
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Bigeye ...

There is plenty of good water around Raleigh ... and kayaks are great platforms for fishing. I fish out of an Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 that I have been busy outfitting. I'm in Cary so I tend to get out to Lake Jordan or Shearon Harris. Right now, the crappie are biting at Jordan with some talk of stripers in the creeks.

Drop me a note and we can meet up at one of the local lakes to coax some fish into the yaks.

I don't have any secret holes or nuthin', but I'd love some company and a chance to learn something. If my kid's school lets me keep a little bit of my tax refund, maybe I'll be able to pick up a kayak too. Until then, I guess I can hike the bank and chase you guys. <sigh>
my brother lives in cary and i have found some great spots around jordan just walking around the lake. I also fish the tailrace of jordan near moncure, plenty of access but it's a bit trashy. There are also plenty of rip rap that I find is a magnet for fish. The best thing to do is grab a gamelands map and go exploring. I remember the good looking spots while deer hunting, and visit them during the spring and summer.
yeah i dont no jack about crappie fishing so you will have to let me know
what about crabtreelake??
Bigeye ...

Lake Crabtree is not the best place in the world to fish. You are much better off running on out to Jordan or Harris. Later in the spring University Lake in Chapel Hill will be open to non-motor-powered boats and I understand it holds promise. As for the problems with Crabtree ... it is muddy all the time and there is a high level of PCBs in the water from a transformer company upstream. There is a "do not consume" warning for carp and catfish from Crabtree.

As I said earlier, drop me a private note and we can meet up at Jordan some afternoon. I can generally get there by 5:00 p.m.. At this time of year, that allows about and hour and a half of good fishing time before it gets too dark to take out safely.
bigeye, raleigh is loaded with ponds that can house some good size fish. its all a matter of looking around in different neighboorhoods. ( especially in the northern part of raleigh that is full of sub developments). just today after school me and a friend of mine went to a local pond. caught 3 bass, the biggest being about 7-8 lbs, the others around 2 lbs, and one crappie about a pound. its all a matter of finding a pond that can support a healthly supply of the fish you are looking for. jordan, falls, and shearon harris are good lakes. I have heard shelly lake holds some big cats. But just talk with other people about it and you can find somewhere to fish.
Like the others have said, their are plenty of lakes and ponds around Raleigh. You might try Falls Lake, Lake Jordan, Shelley Lake, Lake Len(if you'll put up with carp), Lake Harris, Lake Wheeler and Lake Benson.

The one I have the most experience with is Shelley lake(really a pond) they have some pretty nice Cat Fish, lots of [small] bluegill, and I've been told some Bass as well.

There are also several ponds in housing developments you might want to try out.....I know of several but my mind is drawling a blank and I can't think of the names right now. I'll get back with you when I remember.

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