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Huh... thought I had replied on this one. (Maybe one of those maniacal moderators whacked my post... self-inflicted, no doubt!)

As Lefty mentioned, I launch most often out of Upper Barton, and mostly on weekdays to avoid the weekend crush. Its about a mile paddle out to the confluence of the river channel, Upper and Lower Barton creeks - great points, drop offs, flats & open water fishing all in that area. The schooling fish will always be somewhere around there. Another half mile puts you on the 98 bridge with the riprap and the creek on the other side. Its the closest launch to me, its open 24hrs and I consistently catch good numbers of fish there.

My all-time favorite part of the lake is the area near the Dam, but its a real challenge to Kayak launch anywhere near there. The management center has terrible hours and its more hike up and down hill from below the dam than I'm willing to try with gear. Raven Ridge is probably the best option and there's really nice fishable water on the way through that creek toward the dam. Have not tried to drop in and pull out there, but know folks who have.

There's good water near the Hwy 50 launch, but you have to deal with the limited hours all year round and the entry fee in the warm months. Same for the Beaverdam park & ramp.

The Old Weaver launch at Beaverdam is a good spot for kayak launching. Free & close to the water. That end of the lake is pretty shallow & featureless though - <10ft deep all the way from there upstream, and very undefined channel depression. Good spring bass fishing. Less than a mile to the Old Weaver bridge & riprap, and not terrible to get to the spillway and deeper water areas. I have caught some decent 4 & 5lb bass up there.

At certain times of the year and certain rates of inflow the Eno Launch is good too. Great late-winter crappie fishing and the white bass are running up to the headwaters now. There's some good looking bass structure back there, but I think the water needs to stabilize, preferably high in order to be really productive. Long drive from Wake Forest though.

Rollingview is sort of interesting - its a long way by road to get back there. There's a deepwater channel that's pinched just to the left of the launch and I've caught lots of fish on the opposite shoreline. Have only kayak launched there once or twice though, and that was last year in the midst of the drought when a lot of that pool was only a couple of feet deep and a lot was out of the water (usually 10' range).

I've been to Ledge Rock and haven't been terribly impressed There is standing timber in the shallows back there, but I've never done well in Falls' standing timber so it doesn't attract me. That area has always been reported as great spring (spawn) fishing.

Have never been to Hickory Hill - no idea what the water is like back there.

The one part of the lake I'd really like to get to is the back of New Light creek off Purnell road, but they've got hudreds of yards of no parking signs around the bridge area. You might be able to drop gear, park down the road and hike back to launch but I haven't tried it. Used to catch a lot of fish in New Light in my powerboat days.

As I'm able to get out, I'll probably focus on Beaverdam and shallow water for the next few weeks before I start hitting Upper Barton regularly for post-spawn and summertime fish.
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