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Anybody know any good places to rent paddle-powered watercraft in the Triangle? I called the local branch of the mega-store recreational equipment vendor and learned that they wanted $50 for the first day (I asked about a canoe in this case, I don't know if kayak prices differ much.) This seems like a whale of a lot of overhead -- second days are only $20, that was more what I had in mind.

I was flirting with starting to watch the classifieds -- I'd expect a decent boat, especially a classic canoe, for under $300 -- can't see paying 1/6 of the purchase price for a rental. Why would it be more expensive to rent a canoe than a car, anyway??

Maybe the big guys have again smushed the little guys and now there's no competition...


(Yes, I'd need to find left-handed paddles as well. ;) I still don't think that's worth $50/day.)

(Oops -- I guess this would have been better in the "lakes and rivers" forum... Please forgive... I don't see a way to move it, I'll try to do better next time.)
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