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Who needs a big boat?

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Who needs a big boat?


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Not much room for a livewell...
Won't hold that Grouper Dave's buddy caught...
(Ha -- like ANY of our boats would -- now that Dave sold Size Niner...)
Tell ya what... now with all the heavy enforcement of over sized loads (anything wider than 8 ft 6 in boat beam, cost of weighted tags gone up and cost to up upgrade drivers license from Class C to Class A/B... I just might join the yak crowd!!! :eek:
That thing looks like it would get you killed!!
Where's the trolling motor go?
That thing looks like it would get you killed!!
You're talking about whitewater playboaters here... that's exactly what they're trying to accomplish!! :D
First thing that pop'd into my mind was...

LEG CRAMP..... LEG CRAMP!!!:eek:

ha ha hah ah.... like to see someone deal with that on that thar fine vessel! :D

Still tryin to figure out what the nose plug things all about.....
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Not in a million years. Give me 20' of fiberglass and an outboard.
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If I'm paddlin'....... My mess broke!!!...LOL!!!!!
Make sure to wear yer nose plug... dont forget the nose plug,, yeah yeah,,, nose plug,, safety, gotta wear it.. have yer nose plug...

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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