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Who Rides the Magic Bus?

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Just wanted to share this pic of the coolest vehicle on Cape Lookout. Some of you may know this person. I've always admired the creativity and ingenuity I've seenout there.
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Sky Bus
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It's owners were in nc sportsman a year or 2 ago.
i think i could live in that thing and just fish everyday...:cool:that'd be the life
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There used to be one that I would see occasionally at the Blewett Falls landing. It was still a faded yellow and the last 14' body was cut off, and replaced with racks to hold several car-topper size jon boats. The sides had a fold out table and camp kitchen on one side and fish cleaning station with a sink, pump, and hose on the other side. They would come in on Thursday night and run catfish jugs till Sunday morning. Things were a lot more laid back about the camping rules at the Wildlife landings then especially the ones that far off of the beaten path.

That is a cool rig. I hope someone like this can be "grandfathered" in if the regs change and don't allow the bigger vehicles at the cape.
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