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Why are you not fishing?

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Here I set at work treating the ill and curing the ignorant, I see there's about 21 people online, the weather is around 70 I think, I don't know havent seen the light of day in 7 hours and 5 to go. Same thing on Sunday.:( Please try to get out on Sunday, I want to live vicarulsly through everyone
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Keith - welcome to NC Angler.

Hey mid-week fishing is better anyway - less people. Hope you get to do some this week!
I've been fishing about every day for past two weeks-- Not fishing this weekend--I think the fish need a break. :)
Forgot to log off the computer this morning.
Howdy Keith
I just took my after-dinner free time and walked down to the neighborhood pond... Hooked up something that jumped like a bass and threw my lure like a bass... but you might have guessed by now that I didn't land 'im. But I know he's out there!
mmm doing that thing, you know, the wife thing, putting in new hardwood floors in the family room, but did have time to strip and clean three reels today to prepare for whenever my warden allows me out for good behavior...
Flying to Syracruse today. Another beautiful weekend wrecked because of work.
Know what you mean. Got to install the floor tomorrow and Tuesday morning, then off to Jacksonville Tuesday afternoon, then Wednesday to Orlando. Thinking of maybe doing so surf fishing on Thursday between Daytona and Jax, but don't know the beaches there. If anyone does, give me a suggestion of a good place to drop lines in at I would appreciate it. Still got to string my new rods...
I know a few places around Tampa but I have never fished the east coast of Florida at this point.
I need to stay north and east, as I have to drive back to Charlotte Friday morning. I've been right up around the SC border, might even decide to go up to Myrtle Beach instead of Florida, that would make Friday's drive easier.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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