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RALEIGH, N.C. (Oct. 13) - "Step right up. You've got to see it to believe it - all of North Carolina, under one roof!"

There won't actually be a sideshow barker at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission tent at the 2006 State Fair, but visitors will see examples of the natural wonders of the North Carolina Mountains, Coast and Piedmont regions under one roof.

The "Habitat Is Where It's At" theme is well represented with interactive displays that include animal mounts displayed in their natural habitats in all three regions, aquariums filled with native fishes found in North Carolina waters, complete with steps, so younger visitors can get a close-up view of these aquatic creatures.

This year, Wildlife Resources Commission highlights the state's Wildlife Action Plan, a multi-agency conservation effort for a wide array of fish and wildlife species and their associated habitats. Free mementoes include the traditional collectible button, this year featuring Rafinesque's big-eared bat (perfect for Halloween). You can get a camouflage-colored wristband printed with the habitat theme, rulers highlighting priority species and pick up publications like the award-winning Wildlife in North Carolina magazine, as well as informational literature on where and how to go fishing.

A N.C. Wild Store will have a variety of wildlife related products for sale, including the popular wildlife calendar, as well as books and posters.

The fair runs from Friday, Oct. 13 through Sunday, Oct. 22. Gates are open from 8 a.m. until midnight daily. The fairgrounds are located at 1025 Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh. State Fair staff can be contacted at (919) 821-7400 and more information is available online at


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