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Wilmington Cape Fear fishing

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I am trying to find a few spots to fish from the bank on the cape fear river near Wilmington. I do not have a boat and my father loves to Flathead fish and I am trying to plan a fishing trip. I know the fish are there but I am not familiar withe the area. Someone please help.
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Bank fishing spots can get crowded quickly, so sometimes people are not necessarily going to publicize locales. You might consider posting your email address, or consider making the 8 or 10 posts required to enable PM's. Either way, people could contact you privately, and although it might not change anything, it's possible you might get a response that way.

If I had any info, I'd help ya, but I'm not from that area. Best of luck to you!
Welcome from the other end of the state.

Three sites listed on the NCWRC website.

Go to NCWRC home page, click on "Fishing", click on "Where to fish", click on "interactive map", click on "Any Access" Then move to the Wilmington area and zoom in.

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